Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Easy Ways You Can Turn Flamelez Into Success

The predicament experienced by smokers when lighting a cigarette during windy days is really severe. How can you start puffing it when you can't even light it. Even the most expensive lighter is no good when the worst weather strikes. Flamelez lighter is introduced to the public as an answer to this problem. Would you believe that it will still light up even under pouring rain? The concept behind its creation is based on tesla. Those structures that has bolts of electricity floating up on the top part of the structure are imitated and placed inside the lighters container. I strongly suggest you to visit flamelez.com to learn more about this.

When it became available to the public, problem with air and water was eliminated. Those who tried it were very satisfied with it. You can even use it longer compared to disposable lighters or those expensive brands. This is less costly because you do not have to refill butane over and over each time it runs out. Flamelez simply needs to be charged and you can use it again for 100 to 300 times before the battery runs out again. This is indeed an advantage because you do not have to spend for refilling or replacement for parts that are not working. 

Though there is a possibility wherein the battery will no longer charge, at least it has served its purpose for a long period of time. Just imagine those times when you have to search for a closed area just to start a little spark. Some people will jot get the positive benefit you get from flamelez lighters but when they compute the amount you get to spend for lighter replacements and refill. you will be surprised on the amount you saved. Your choice is simply to get one arc or double, that is it because you can be sure Flamelez will keep you contented.